Download the Pak Urdu installer 2020 from our website. Pak Urdu Installer is a famous application to write Urdu on Windows. This is a very useful and useful software for a computer user. The size of this application is also small. If you want Unicode software, then you've come to a nice place. Maybe this software saves time and money. The writing method is the same as on the Urdu 2020 page.

If you are new to Download Pak Urdu Installer then you can read my article below:-

Why download Pak Urdu Installer 2020

As mentioned earlier, this application is used to write Urdu on Windows easily. You can change the language from English to Urdu with the keys Ctrl + Shift, Pak Urdu Installer is a light and small software. This application is famous for the webmaster in Pakistan.

At the time of the first installation, you must restart your window for the software to take effect. After restarting the computer, your software works and you can change the language. Please remember the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift key form keyboard. The Pak Urdu installer does not reduce the speed of the computer.

Pak Urdu Installer Download For PC Latest Version

Write Urdu anywhere

With the help of downloading Pak Urdu Installer, you can write Urdu anywhere in Windows. This application works on Windows devices. This software has been designed for computer users. The size of the software is only 15 MB compared to the other.

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Many websites offer Urdu software, but we save time. Here is a direct download link from Google Drive. I have used and uploaded this file to Google Drive for you. The download speed of Google Drive is very fast. Everyone can download this software file from our website.

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