Cygwin 2021 is a command-line interface for Microsoft Windows. The Cygwin environment is similar to Unix. Cygwin provides Unix as environmental software running on Microsoft Windows. The Unix software can be run from the Cygwin environment in Microsoft Windows. Cygwin was developed by Cygnus Solutions. Later Cygnus Solutions was acquired by Red Hat.

Cygwin 2021 Update is free open source software that anyone can use freely. Cygwin published under the General Public License (GNU). Cygwin's works are POSIX systems that allow the development of software. There are many programmers who carry programs based on Unix and Linux to Cygwin. Cygwin features include Remote login, Terminals, Text processing, Text utilities, Shells, Development tools, Servers, etc.

Cygwin Offline Installer 2021 Latest Version Download

Download setup.exe for 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Windows

  • When the configuration asks "Choose a download source," choose Download without installing
  • Review the rest of the configuration (choose the download directory, the replicas, the software packages you want, etc.)
  • Now you have a Cygwin 2019 repository there on your hard drive. Copy this directory, together with the "setup.exe" program, to your destination computer (you do not need to be in a network).
  • On the destination computer, run "setup.exe"
  • When the configuration asks "Choose a download source," choose Install from the local directory
  • Complete the configuration as usual. Internet access is not required.

Cygwin Offline Installer 2021 Download Setup

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