Delta Force Xtreme 2 is originally produced for Windows Platform but is not available for other game consoles. Delta Force was launched in 2009 initially was known as Delta Force came in 2001. The game was developed by NovaLogic.

Delta Force Xtreme 2 is the first person shooting game DFX2 action was the only game in 2001 which has army soldier and war, the battle-based video game based. The single player campaign has 10 missions round player has to complete a mission to kill enemies and clear the goal. The player is able to use different infantry weapons such as sniper magatama m92, MP4, Shot Guns, gun, pistol, night vision and long-range GPS wireless communication system.

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Delta Force 2 has better features game options, weapons and vehicles before, especially the graphics clear texture of physical objects and the quality of the pixels that provide high-quality games previously improved. Delta Force black hawk down is also the next edition of the game based on the Vietnam War when US helicopter hit by militants Vietnam during NATO soldier falling on the battlefield.

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November 07, 2016

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