AnVir Task Manager Pro - Task manager. boot loader. remove spyware. 

  • 1) Remove spyware, remove the virus, remove the trojan.
  • 2) Speed ​​up Windows boot time. boost PC performance.
  • 3) Make everyday PC more convenient.
  • 4) More information about what is happening under the hood.
  • 1) Security:
  • unwanted alerts on new startups, startup programs block: - Startup Monitor
  • Descriptions of 70 000 startup programs and services.
  • Security analysis of processes, startup programs, and Windows services.
  • Send files to check VirusTotal.com with one click.
  • Startup Manager: manage all programs running on startup including services and Internet Explorer toolbars.
  • Virus Protection light. Remove spyware, remove the virus, remove the trojan.
  • Anti-rootkit tool.
  • User feedback on the level of risk to the safety of processes, startup programs, and services.
  • Permanently block unwanted processes
  • 2) Increase PC performance:
  • Delayed startup: speed up Windows startup process.
  • Limit the CPU usage of processes that eat a lot of CPU
  • Save changed priority for processes
  • 3) Make everyday PC usage more convenient:
  • Minimize windows in the system tray and save space on the taskbar
  • The quick access to last launched programs and last opened folders access in the system tray
  • Set windows 'always visible'.
  • Change windows transparency.
  • Resize windows 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768.
  • 4) Replace the task manager:
  • Task manager: monitor processes, services, Internet connections, CPU, disk, memory, DLLs, drivers, locked files, threads, windows.
  • Dynamic icons in tray of CPU, memory and disk load
  • Suspend / resume processes and threads.
  • Find locked files and DLL.
  • Start the process of starting and stopping.
  • Graphical disk activity processor, memory and for each process and for the team.
  • - Processes performance statistics
  • benefits:
  • Compatible with all popular antivirus, complement antivirus software or make it unnecessary.
  • You can replace the task manager.
  • Attractive user interface. presentation of useful information.
  • It can function as a portable application.

AnVir Task Manager Pro 8.0.0 For Windows Free Download

AnVir Task Manager Pro 8.0.0 is licensed as Shareware for the OS / Windows platform system. AnVir Task Manager Pro is offered as a free download for all software users (Freeware).

Important Information Of Software

AnVir Software
License / Price:
Shareware ($49.95)
Operating System:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
4.1 MB
Updated Date:
March 02, 2016

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