GBWhatsapp 3.90 For Android APK Latest 2021 Version Free

GBWhatsapp Download app 2021. There is a considerable degree of cell phones with dual SIM support. This is one reason why you need to enter GBWhatsApp as this application will help you use two accounts WhatsApp on a cell phone in the meantime. The GBWhatsApp version 2.05 has been made with the most recent stable version of WhatsApp.

Main characteristics of existing GBwhatsapp 2021

  • Supports are called
  • Hide will be the possibility of appearing privacy options *
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • We can see the media without charge
  • The ability to hide the name and the date on which two or more copies
  • Ability to copy case
  • The possibility of changing the program icon and notifications

GBWhatsapp 3.90 For Android APK Latest Version 2021

New features added in GBwhatsapp 2021 ask

  • [Add] possibility of altering Bubbles Dialog Screen type
  • [Add] Choice Model ticks alter the display dialog
  • [Add] Permanent bar very Choosing Color Dialog Screen Lollipop primary customers only
  • [Add] Navigation bar Possibility of changing coloring to the screen display dialog predominant customers only Lollipop
  • [Support] languages ​Italian Spanish
  • [Add] Possibility of changing the button again dialog Header Display
  • [Add] Option to vary button on Main Screen Menu Header
  • [Add] change alter Choosing shadow of the phrase "GBWhatsApp" in Important Header Screen
  • [Add] possibility of altering incoming call screen icon calls
  • [Add] alter Election Outgoing calls Display
  • [Add] possibility of altering calls Missed calls Icon Display Screen
  • [Add] Choosing to discolor counter calls in calls for screen display
  • [Add] Election of altering shadow of Fundamental Indicator tap header display
  • [Add] Election of altering shadow of "writing ..." on the display screen of essential
  • [Add] possibility of altering shadow "Record ..." in the Main display
  • [Fix] bubbles clear possibility does not work
  • [Fix] Election of altering shadow "on-line" dialog Header Display sentence
  • [Add] Option for GB Translate into your language (Cancelled)

Installing GBWhatsApp 3.90 on your Android device

As we informed you earlier, you will have the ability to use GB WhatsApp on your Android gadget when the WhatsApp application runs. This means that you will not have to uninstall the application WhatsApp authority, can be used as an ID (cell phone number) on the authority of WhatsApp application and another application on GBWhatsApp. You must WhatsApp 2.05 GB download APK from the web. 

After that, you will have to enhance the highlights of Strangers who are​ both go to Settings -> Applications or settings -> security (which depends on an Android version to another). If you do not enable this feature, you will not be able to install the GBWhatsApp on your Android device.

Important Information Of Software

Operating System:
Updated Date:
Dec 06, 2020

Download GBWhatsapp 2021 For Android APK

GBWhatsapp 2021 For Android APK Download

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